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2 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Hello everyone, I wanted to make a Leona guide because I think many support players are looking for a champion that can carry, and carry hard. Leona is that champion, but you've got to know the right information first and you've gotta start thinking like a CARRY, not a support.

BE WARNED: This guide has a lot of information in it, and you will have to read this multiple times, practice, then revert back to this to strengthen your knowledge. This information took me years to learn, don't think you can be a good Leona player by skimming through a couple of sections. I made this guide specifically for people who want to be an amazing Leona player and a better player all together. In order to get there, you have to know everything.

I've read a lot of Leona guides, many of them are decent and will teach you Leona pretty well. However, this guide is like no other guide and will teach you to MASTER Leona with advanced mechanics, knowledge, builds, and strategies that others do NOT offer you. Many of the other guides are too conservative, passive, and miss the whole point of playing Leona. You CARRY through catching people alone, starting fights, and of course... ROAMING/GANKING. 
When I play Leona, I don't support, I carry. I mean it, I try to win the game for my team by doing what Leona does best. That's why this guide is unique and centered around YOU rather than your team. Selfish?
Put it into perspective: Your Xerath Mid will not build a 3060.png(Banner of Command) to help your team against the enemy AP (and nobody would expect him to), he builds what gives him the most effectiveness towards what HE does best to carry: doing a ton of damage. The same is for Leona, except its Stunning, engaging, and assassination.(at least until your core build is finished)
Everything about this guide focuses on those points, which is what Leona is BEST at. Rarely should you center Leona around peeling and shielding your team with an Aegis. <--- Keep that in mind.

I don't like to brag about my skill level, but credentials are important. Here is a video of me tilting Dyrus from roaming:

 I see many Leona guides by support mains who don't even play Leona, I want you to have confidence in what I say by backing it up with stats that do not lie. I am a support main and have played over 1,000 games as Leona stretching over 3+ seasons. I have climbed to Diamond many times ONLY playing Leona. Which means if you learn what I teach, you can be Diamond, too. I ended season 5 Diamond 2 and am currently trying to climb back up the ladder with all intention to hit masters. You can watch my stream if you have any other questions and want to learn: (I usually start around 7 PM EST)
(I achieved my goal of Bronze 4 to Diamond 5 with a win-rate of 75%, a KDA of 8.28, with 144 games played on Leona.) 
Here is the smurf to show you how powerful Leona is:

If you read the first part the summoners are almost self explanatory; but I'll explain further just in case you aren't convinced yet.

Why 4.png? Leona requires assassinating an enemy champion with CC(Crowd Control) by closing distance, sometimes those targets have escapes or Flash and the only way to actually secure a kill is with 4.png(Flash). 
Here is an example, the Lucian played within my Flash + Q range, so I combo'd him, giving Ezreal just enough time to finish him off with 1 auto attack.

 Leona's 4.png(Flash) + leonashieldofdaybreak.png(Q) + leonasolarflare.png(R) combo is arguably one of the strongest CC's in the game simply because its nearly impossible to avoid. But I'll touch up later on how to take FULL advantage of that combo in section 10 and 13. But I really insist on going through everything.

Why 14.png? It's the butter for your bread, It reduces self healing to 60% and does damage over time to give you the damage you need to secure a kill. A must have for winning lane. Which translates into winning the game. 

Do you see the pattern yet? Going in, and getting that kill.

Some guides will tell you to take 3.png or 7.png. But if you are doing your job correctly the target should be stunned until death. Exhaust is better for longer sustained duels that make someone weak who would normally output a large amount of damage. What's the point of exhaust or heal on Leona when the target is going to be stunned and killed before they can do any damage?
If you cant get a kill while a target is stunned, you probably shouldn't have picked Leona.
Exhaust is much more effective on a champion like 40.png16.png, and 117.png. These champions are centered around supporting the ADC and keeping them alive, allowing them to do damage. Not through CC, but through shields and heals. The exhaust will ensure that their ADC will output less damage than yours so that you can win the skirmish.

Runes Back to Top

  • 9x
    +0.91 armor Greater Mark of Armor
  • 9x
    +1.34 magic resist Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
  • 9x
    +8 health Greater Seal of Health
  • 3x
    +1.5% movement speed Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

When you read other Leona guides they tell you to have runes like Armor/Magic resistance + HP, sometimes even Magic Pen or AD. Leona's high base damage, AP scaling, and tankiness scaling might tempt you into building AP, Magic Penetration, AD, and Resistances; but it is a trap. Leona is purely about stunning the target you want to eliminate. Once mid game comes around your damage will become less and less important since you are not building any damage to scale on. At the same time, your potential to make plays becomes harder as well since the enemy will have boots and are not forced to sit in a lane. Those damage runes you had earlier will next to useless towards actually winning the game. Your damage will not be very important since you will have your team to back you up. The base damage you do will be more than enough. That is why you want your kit designed to stun, not to do damage.

You do want MR/Armor + HP, but not only. Remember the strategy, closing the gaps, making the plays, while not getting caught alone. What runes can achieve such a goal? Movement Speed Quints. A total of 4.5% increased movement speed will offer you a flat 15 movement speed. It may not sound like a big deal yet, but you will start off the game with one the highest movement speeds of any champion, this already makes you unable to be chased, and able to close the distance to land your leonazenithblade.png(E). 

Because of your movement speed, players will have to zone themselves that much further from you to avoid your engage, which can even deny them some cs!

The other runes? 


9 Flat Magic Resist Glyph's - You can do scaling, but most of the time the enemy support does AP damage so this will help you not get poked down. Even if the other team has multiple AP's, so long as you build enough health, this will deter them from focusing you out since it will require their entire spell rotation, or more. Which if you are in a team-fight, will lose them the fight.

9 Flat Armor Mark's - The logic is the same as the Magic Resist, but there is another point to think about. All champions and minions do physical damage with basic attacks. This means that you want to get as much early armor as possible because when you engage, the enemy minions, support, and ADC will be targeting you with basic attacks.

9 Flat Health Seal's - Health is very valuable early game since it makes you harder to get killed. With constant engages, if you have more health, it will take you longer to be killed. This will allow you to all in constantly, so long as you do equal trades you will out tank the enemy support/ADC.

Masteries Back to Top

Again, using the same mentality as in part 1: "Going in, and getting that kill." 
If you use this mentality, everything will become VERY obvious. 

I will explain the mastery points that are most controversial. Most are intuitive.


Wanderer: an extra 3% movement speed on top of the 4.5% from the runes will grant you 25 movement speed for free. It's essentially a free  1001.png Teir 1 Boots. 
Meditation: The extra Mana regeneration comes in much more handy than Merciless. Leona's Mana pool is small and with this mastery it will help you sustain your Mana for more engages.

Dangerous Game: Getting 5% of you health back can save you from a close all in. When going in, you want to try to come out alive when possible. It has saved me many times.


Unyielding: Because we lack some resistances from our Quints, this will help us get some of that back and make Leona more tanky when engaging.

Explorer: The extra movement speed in the river or a bush will give you the edge when you decide to roam or engage. In a bush or river, this can give you a 40 flat movement advantage over someone.

Insight: This will give you a 15% cooldown on all summoner spells. When dealing with 4.png, which has a 300 second cooldown, it reduces it by 45 seconds, which will ensure that your flash will be up before almost anyone you trade flash's with. This can secure a kill the on the second attempt if the first attempt failed. 

Swiftness: The 15% Tenacity and slow resist will make it harder to keep you at distance from the hopeless target you wish to exploit. This is also useful at running away from champions that try to catch you out alone when warding or trying to engage.

Strength of Ages: This mastery point scales best with Leona into late game. Bond of Stone is a great mastery point, but not for Leona. Bond of Stone is meant for playing passive, soaking damage for your ADC as you do nothing to stop them. You should be picking Leona with the intent to engage and kill the opposing bot lane, its better to become tankier than to soak damage for your ADC since you should be doing damage on them, while your ADC maintains their health. Late game when you are engaging on their back-line, this mastery will only be useful on the teammate who is engaging with you. But if you engaged correctly, they shouldn't have any more damage to kill your teammates with.

Key Masteries that continue the strategy of:  "Going in, and getting that kill." 
Wanderer - Speed
Explorer - Speed
Insight - Engage sustain
Swiftness - Unstoppable right clicking.

Abilities Back to Top

Upgrade Order:
leonashieldofdaybreak.png(Q) - Take your Q first; Why? Your Q will give you the most control starting out early. Many people will take leonazenithblade.png(E) first because it grants them ability to engage level 1. Even though this is true, there is not a stun follow up, this will allow the ADC to escape without your ADC being able to do any damage to them. This will cause you to take a lot of damage without doing any in return. Upgrading your Q first will give you the ability to kill wards level 1 that can grant you bush control: 
leonazenithblade.png(E) - Upgrade E second. This will give you the ability to engage and stun someone. Which is very important for Leona.

leonasolarbarrier.png(W) - Upgrade this third. Even though this is your main damaging ability and source of tankiness, it is the least effective ability until level 3. Once you hit level 3 you will be at your first power spike, you have great engage, cc, damage, and tankiness. Prioritize an engage if you haven't yet, especially if you get level 3 first. 

leonasolarflare.png(R) - Take this level 6, its Leona's most important ability and its the first opportunity to upgrade it. This is your second power spike. Use this opportunity to engage and preform an all in on someone. OR use this opportunity to roam mid and earn a kill that way. Even if you force a flash4.png for your leonasolarflare.png(R) it is still worth it. You are blowing a 90 second cooldown for a 5 minute cooldown.

Ability Upgrade Order

First you want to max your (W)leonasolarbarrier.png because it gives you additional Armor/Magic resistance for 3 seconds, and if you hit a target with the W, it lasts 3 more seconds. This is what allows Leona to do her job, she gains tankiness which prevents Leona from taking too much damage after engaging. The W also does the most damage of any spell choice you can upgrade.

 Many people will advise you to upgrade your Q next because it gives you more stuns. However, what you really want to do is max E second. This allows you to engage more often. Leona is about ENGAGING, people will run from you. Maxing E will lower your cooldowns so that if you miss you can recover and set up another engage. Leona's E also roots a target briefly, which is actually a form of CC. So maxing your E doesn't take away your CC potential completely.

Don't forget to put a point into your Ultimate (R) every time you have a chance to. The opportunities to do so are at levels 6, 11, and 16. If you forget to upgrade your ultimate on those levels you can always upgrade it the following level. 

Max your Q last, the Q is primarily just for a stun, if youre playing Leona correctly you should end the game well before level 18, most likely level 12-15. Leona falls off hard late game so you need to try to close it out before everyone has 6 items. Once the enemies get items like 3157.png(Zhonya's), 3140.png/3139.png(QSS), 3222.png(Crucible) and 3026.png it will be nearly impossible to lock someone down and kill them. Which makes you a lot less impactful.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Starting Items

Core Items

    The First Items You Get Every Game

Situational Items

    Situational Items
    Situational Items

Starting Items

Relic Shield3302.png, 3 Healing Potions2003.png and a warding trinket3340.pngare the best starting items for Leona. It gives you more health for tankiness and sustain for giving health back to you and your ADC when executing minions after taking damage. The ward will help you seek out the jungler when ganks are inbound. Early game is more about surviving the jungler ganks than denying the enemy bot lane vision.

Core Items

Your build order should go as followed: 3302.png 3340.png-> 3117.png -> 2049.png3341.png -> 3742.png
But Zack, Why 3117.png mobi's first? Remember, you're trying to get kills, having mobility boots, MS runes, and masteries over your opponents is potentially 150 movement speed greater. You can literally walk up to people and engage, and they cannot run away unless they flash. This also makes you able to roam mid, or to any place on the map faster than bot lane. Sure you have decreased vision, but your play making potential has increased. (I will explain more about this in the roaming section)

You must get 2049.pngSightstone second; by the time you purchase it, the lanes will be more malleable and people will start roaming more often. The Jungler will be able to gank more often as well. This will ensure that you can have advanced vision on a mid roam, or if you want to invade their bot side jungle to ward when you see their Jungler.

Dead Man's Plate, Mobility Boots, and Sightstone are the KEY elements to making Leona as strong as she is. 
Since the release of 3742.png(Dead Man's Plate). This has made Leona vastly better than before. The passive of Dead Man's Plate offers FLAT movement speed based on how many charges, scaling up to 100 charges. At 100 charges you receive 60 FLAT movement speed(this does not go away unless you auto attack something). Combined with all of your other movement speed buffers, you should be at about 500 movement speed. Which makes you unable to be chased and threat to chase people down. Even when mobility boots are down, you will still have 450 movement speed. That's still faster than almost everyone.
This will give you the ability to ward where you want, go where you want, and engage with ease.


Do not forget to switch from 3340.png TO 3341.png once you buy 2049.png. There is no point to having all of those wards.
Also, do not forget to switch from 3341.png TO 3364.png once you hit level 9 (IT'S FREE). This item is one of the most important items when playing Leona successfully. It allows you to walk a large amount of distance and sweep it for wards at the same time. The duration lasts 10 seconds, at 500 movement speed you can cover a distance of 5000 units. That's the same distance of a Twisted Fate 4.png and Pantheon 80.png ult. This will GUARANTEE you are not spotted by a ward when you are trying to set up an engage or gank. If you are spotted, you can easily clear the ward and create PRESSURE.(I will expand on this later)
3364.png can spot  2043.png and 3363.png. It can detect Teemo mushrooms(bantamtrap.png) and Shaco traps(jackinthebox.png). 
EVEN invisible champions. 

Situational Items

- It is very rare that you will ever want to stray away from the core build path. However, in the case that the enemy team has a large amount of AP, you can go 3190.png before 3742.png.
- Lets assume that you are following the core build path. Once you have completed it, the next item you build is based on your situation of course. 
- If they have a fed champion with a lot of burst consider getting 3401.png
- If they have a fair amount of AP damage, or a fed AP go 3190.png
- If they have a largely AD team go 3143.png
- If your team needs more follow up try 3800.png
- If you need to relieve your carries of dangerous CC try 3222.png
- If you are very ahead, and they don't have a lot of DPS go 3083.png
- If they have multiple attack speed reliant champions go 3110.png
- If you need to 4.png(Flash) + leonashieldofdaybreak.png(Q) + leonasolarflare.png(R) as often as you can to get kills get a 1328.png. This will lower your flash cooldown by an additional 15%.
NEVER FINISH your 2049.png into a 2045.png. It does not give you much of an advantage with stats. You only want to finish this item either after you are full build or have multiple activatable items. If you want health, just build a health item. if you want that extra ward, just put down 3 wards then recall. Since everyone gets home-guards at 20 minutes, and you have 500 movement speed, you will get back into the action very quickly.
In all of my games as Leona, I have almost never strayed away from the items listed above.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Ashe
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Brand
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Janna
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Karma
  • Kog'Maw
  • Lucian
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Miss Fortune
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Nautilus
  • Poppy
  • Quinn
  • Sivir
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Tahm Kench
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Urgot
  • Varus
  • Vayne
  • Vel'Koz
  • Zilean
  • Zyra




Alistar is a hard match-up. I wouldnt recommend playing Leoan into Alistar. You will lose lane because Alistar will stop Leona from engaging properly and if you do engage, you risk being hit under their tower. Alistar also has a heal which will out sustain you. I would only play Leona into Alistar if the enemy team has little to no cc and if you have a lot of follow up. 




Annie can be difficult. During the early levels Annie can poke you down with her range. But this match-up is highly dependent on the ADC's. If your ADC is weaker, its going to be a lot harder to win because when you go in, after your cc is up they will just focus your ADC and probably do more damage. The same goes after level 6. Though you gain an advantage of long range engage, Annie still does a lot of damage. So you have to make sure you kill the person you engage on or else they will turn the focus on you or your ADC and probably get a kill. This match-up is primarily skill based, choosing your engages wisely and poking them down so that they cannot contest your presence.




Ashe is fairly easy to play against, her attack range is 600 which can make it slightly more tricky to engage on her. Her asheW.png(w) cannot go through minions so just sit behind your minion line and wait for her to try to last hit a minion then go in on her. Once she hits level 6 be careful, though she shouldn't be able to win lane, her asheR.png(ult) will create some pressure because if you push up too far, the jungler could come and her ult will make for an easy engage. Just make sure you ward and know where their jungler is before you try to go all in after lvl 6.




Bard is pretty easy; though his stun is fairly long ranged. His kit doesn't give him much laning potential pre 6. You should be able to engage on him and kill him easily. Though after level 6 it could be hard to get picks on people because his ult will stop the follow up once you try to lay down the CC. Use this to your advantage. Try to roam and make plays where Bard isnt. Your roaming is very strong.




This is an easy match-up. Blitz requires his Q to be effective at all in the game, make him not want to grab people, and he will be essentially useless. Since Leona is all about engaging, he will not want to grab you since you will just engage immediately after. But be careful, if you get grabbed at the wrong time you can still lose lane. If you ADC gets grabbed, of course its going to be a hard game. Focus on trying to engage on their ADC. The best time to engage is as soon as Blitz tries to use his Q, and misses. 




Brand can be a hard match-up but it can also be easy. He has longer ranged spells than Leona pre 6 so he can really use that to his advantage and poke you down. Don't let this happen or else you will not be able to engage. Brand has to get somewhat close to use his Wbrandfissure.png to do damage. Once he tries to use it, just walk through it and engage on him. He will start spell thiefs so he will be very squishy. If you have a strong early game ADC it should be an easy kill. 

Once you hit level 6 he should be dying pretty effortlessly. Just engage with your Rleonasolarflare.png and just kill him. He cannot use any abilities on you since Leona's ult range is much longer than his W or Q. If he tries to use his abilities just kill him.




Braum is a fairly easy matchup, his cooldowns are very high, double that of your cooldowns. This gives you a window of opportunity to engage a second time before Braum is able to do block. However, keep this in mind; The first time you engage, Braum will shield his ADC making your adc unable to do damage. If you are engaging level 3 or after, when you engage, do not use your leonasolarbarrier.png(W). Simply just bait his braumE.pngsheild then walk away from the adc. Sometimes I just use my E, then walk away as soon as he pops his shield. Your damage is high, but not high enough to solo kill their ADC with your mana pool. You need to save your mana and inflict as much damage as possible when you go in. Though Braum is defensive, he cannot stop your engage, and he is weak against melee assassins. 




Caitlyn may seem like a good choice against Leona because of her range. But that can be misleading, though she has long range, bush control and decent poke, she is incredibly vulnerable to getting engaged upon. Leona's leonazenithblade.png(E) has a range of 875, while cait's auto attack range is 650, so you shouldn't have much harder of a time engaging than on any other ADC. In fact, Leona's leonazenithblade.png(E) can cancel Caitlyn's caitlynentrapment.png(E) if you do it just right. Try to engage as often as possible, she is squishy so she will die fast if you lock her down. 

So why it is a medium matchup? Because bot lane is never a 1v1, and the lane almost always is determined by the support and the ADC combined. This matchup will completely be defined by their support. 




Corki is a medium matchup because he is weak early, but hard to pin down. This matchup can go either way depending on how the lane goes. Corki's damage output is very low early and is weak, however, because of Corki's carpetbomb.png(W), it makes it very hard to actually do damage to him. Though he has an escape, it is a long cooldown and costs a pretty high amount of mana. The problem you will face when playing against a corki is he will always escape your all in and punish you for it. The only way to win this matchup is to engage on him while is carpetbomb.png(W) is on cooldown. Once you hit 6, you can kill him pretty easily if you have an ADC that has good synergy with Leona. 

You will run into most of your issues late game, since your attempt at assassination during a teamfight is crucial and will most likely fail because of his escape. This puts you in a terrible position because you have no CC and their ADC is alive and able to do damage. You don't want to fall too far behind when you play Leona into Corki or else killing him will become impossible. 




Draven does not have any escapes but brings a few other things to the table that makes this matchup hard for Leona. A really good Draven player can actually use his dravendoubleshot.png(E) to stop your leonazenithblade.png(E), but it is very hard to do. In higher elo this is something you will have to watch out for. On top of that, dravens dravenspinning.png(Q) gives him a lot of damage with his auto attacks, making it hard to trade with your ADC and even harder to play aggressive against him. If you miss your leonazenithblade.png(E) or he stops it with his dravendoubleshot.png(E) you will find yourself being zoned from the minion wave or him hitting you and following you with his dravenfury.png(W). Once he gets a minion advantage it becomes that much harder to engage on him. I suggest playing an ADC with some range, such as 51.png110.png22.png, or 96.png because they all have greater range than Draven, which allows them to farm safer and have decent trading that can put up with Draven's high damage auto attacks. If you find it hard to trade with Draven, just be patient and wait until level 6.




Though Ezreal is the squishiest ADC of them all, this is for a reason: He is very hard to catch. Early to mid game is your best bet at winning against Ezreal. His ezrealarcaneshift.png(E) had a high cooldown and he doesn't have his blue build with 3025.png to make it hard to get close to him. In order to kill him you will most likely have to use your 4.png(Flash). This is because he will get away if you don't  4.png(Flash) + leonashieldofdaybreak.png(Q) + leonasolarflare.png(R) + 14.png(Ignite). Since Ezreal can escape twice, and has a very long range low cooldown ezrealmysticshot.png(Q) and can farm safely without you being able to engage on him. Even if you make a play and force his 4.png(Flash), all ezreal has to do is play very safe and farm with his ezrealmysticshot.png(Q). You may not get the opportunity to kill him again. Having the extra gold from killing him even if it forces all of your summoner spells is worth it. It will make it that much more probable to kill him next time. So don't hold on to your flash!







This matchup is medium because based on how good the Janna is, is how easily you will win lane and the game. If the Janna is good, her howlinggale.png (Tornado (Q)) can actually stop your leonazenithblade.png (E), this will put you in a terrible position, you will be over extended, close to them, but unable to stun. Janna can then use her sowthewind.png (W) and slow you, this will allow Janna and her ADC to auto attack you and do a lot of damage. Janna can use her reapthewhirlwind.png (R) to push you away and deny the kill. However, Janna using her (Q) to stop your (E) is a rare occurrence below mid/high diamond so you shouldn't run into this very often. But it is just something to consider. Janna is squishy, so you can focus her or the ADC. If their ADC is stronger than yours, focus the ADC. If your ADC is stronger than theirs, focus Janna. Once you hit level 6, you will need to focus Janna since her ult will be able to safe their ADC. But remember, you can focus the ADC, even if Janna saves her ADC with her reapthewhirlwind.png. Jannas ultimate is a 150 second cooldown, whereas your ultimate cooldown is only 90 seconds, this will give you a minute to make another play on the ADC. What I usually do is  4.png(Flash) + leonashieldofdaybreak.png(Q) + leonasolarflare.png(R) + 14.png(Ignite) the Janna and kill her before she can use any spells at all. Once you get into teamfights, Janna will be able to stop your engages easier, so it is a good idea to focus the Janna down first, killing her while she is stunned.




Jinx is one of the easiest matchups for Leona; Why? Early game Jinx has no damage, and no abilities to counter you. Her jinxQ.png(Q) has short range early game and doesn't scale as well with her AD. Her jinxW.png(W) cannot go through minions and her jinxE.png(E) has a 24 second cooldown and is very easy to avoid. Anytime Jinx goes up to farm, just engage on her. Your leonazenithblade.png(E) has a range of 875, while Jinx has a range of 525 in her Mini gun form and 600 in her Rocket form. Most Jinx's will max their Q first, gaining 25 range every upgrade. Even so, you E still out ranges her auto attacks. Her flash should be down constantly. Once you hit level 6, she should be an easy kill.




Kalista is an easy matchup because she has very low mobility and is weak early. Just time your leonazenithblade.png(E) for right after she auto attacks to guarantee that you land it. One her flash is down she should die a lot. If you want to secure the kill just use your 4.png(Flash) + leonashieldofdaybreak.png(Q) combo to make sure that you get the kill. In teamfights just make sure you focus her and she should die quickly. You can focus the support in lane, but after kalista gets level 6 her kalistaR.png(R) will make it very hard to kill the support. If you do engage on the support make sure you do not "all in" try to poke the support down enough that you can force Kalista to use her kalistaR.png(R) to save the support without you using your Summoners(4.png + 14.png) and your Ult(leonasolarflare.png). This way you can secure yourself a kill while Kalista's ult is on cooldown. 




Karma is a pretty easy matchup. She will beat you in the very early game because of her kit. She will start karmaheavenlywave.png(Q) which will give her superior poke damage. Just try to dodge her Q. Once you hit level 2, if she tries to play too aggressive engage on her if you have an ADC that can put out a decent amount of damage. 

Once you hit level 6, you should be able to kill her with your full combo. The same goes for the enemy ADC. Since Karma doesn't have any escapes, once you burn her flash, she should be fairly easy to kill. But since her Flash is down, she will most likely be playing very passive and scared. This will open the opportunity for you to roam.




Kog'maw is a pretty easy matchup. He has short range (500) without the use of his kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png(W). Once he comes up to farm, just engage on him. He is slow and has no escapes, it should be easy to shut him down. He cannot really do anything to stop you from engaging on him except if he plays very safe, but it will cost him CS and possibly experience. The only way this matchup can be harder is dependent on their support pick. So compare what support they are picking to the difficulty rating and you will find out how hard the lane will be.




Lucian is a very hard matchup because of his lucianE.png(E); it has a no cast time movement. Meaning as soon as he presses (E) it will immediately dash him. This makes lucian very good at dodging skill shots. Since it has a low mana cost it will be hard to drain his mana by forcing his escape. If you cannot manage to engage with your leonazenithblade.png(E) you will most likely lose the lane since you will not be doing and damage. In this situation it may sometimes be easier to go for the enemy Support instead. Once you hit level 6, you may have to use your 4.png(Flash) + leonashieldofdaybreak.png(Q) + leonasolarflare.png(R) + 14.png(Ignite) + leonazenithblade.png(E) combo to kill him successfully.




Lulu is an easy matchup because she has no escape and is fairly squishy. The only thing you have to watch out for is her luluq.png(Q), it does quite a bit of damage and slows. Do not try to just run directly in a line at Lulu, she will slow you and stop your engage attempt. You have to be a little bit sneaky. Wait for her to use her Q, then try to engage, try to Auto + Q + Auto the wards when they put them in the bush you're in to deny them vision. Once you hit level 6, you should be able to burst down the Lulu if you engage on her. If you do it right, she should die before she is able to use her lulur.png(R) to save her.




Lux is an easy matchup. You just have to play it correctly. Lux's abilities have high mana costs relative to her mana pool and will go out of mana fast trying to poke you down with her abilities. Try to dodge her luxlightbinding.png(Q) as best as you can because if you get snared, you might take a lot of damage from her and her ADC. If she tried to poke you down with her luxlightstrikekugel.png(E), that's fine. Just make sure you don't get hit by her auto attack after. Since Lux is not building any AP, her damage will be fairly low so long as she doesn't get any kills. Lux is a very squishy champion so if you engage on her, she should die. Even if their ADC is stronger, you will be able to get in, kill her, and get out without dying. 


Miss Fortune


Though MF has no escapes, she is quite hard to kill. Her missfortuneviciousstrikes.png(W) passive giver her movement speed after not taking any damage. This can make landing your leonazenithblade.png(E) and leonasolarflare.png(R) really difficult. She also can do a lot of damage with missfortunebullettime.png(R) and has a great slowing ability missfortunescattershot.png(E) to punish a failed all in. Choose your engages carefully and don't lead the engage with your leonasolarflare.png(R) unless you are chasing her. She will be able to dodge the stun every time if her Strut passive is up. Do not stand behind minions that are low health because her missfortunericochetshot.png(Q) will bounce off of a minion and hit you. The ability also doubles the damage if the target she Q's dies. So be careful, use bush control to your advantage. MF is considered a lane bully and will most likely push you into your tower, use this as an opportunity to call for your jungler.




This matchup is one that I despise most, this is one of Leona's hardest counters. Morgana's blackshield.png(E) allows her to sheild an ally (or herself), while the sheild persists they are immune to magic damage and CC(Crowd Control). This makes playing Leona extremely difficult because every time you want to engage, she can just shield and make your damage and stuns worthless. Now, you CAN outplay Morgana's by engaging on Morgana, when she sheilds herself, switch your CC to the ADC (or vice versa). You can also engage on the Morgana or ADC, when the spell sheild is put on, let your leonasolarbarrier.png(W) explode which should break her sheild, allowing you to stun the ADC. This assumes the Morgana cannot land her darkbindingmissile.png(Q) on you. But don't bank  on the enemy being bad to win your games. Always choose your support based on what is good, it will be a much better experience. A good morgana will punish you hard for engaging, she will sheild herself or her ADC, then use her darkbindingmissile.png(Q) to snare you for a long time and attack you. When you get to level 6 it is the same story, however if you use all of your spells and don't get that kill, she can darkbindingmissile.png(Q) and use her soulshackles.png(R) and CC you for about 3 seconds. In order to win this game, you will have to try roaming the map for kills. You most likely wont be able to get any kills bot, which makes you a dead weight for your team. Go where Morgana is not, and try to be a sidekick jungler. I have won many games like this, but once you get to teamfights, youre going to have a tough time engaging.



267.png(Nami) has the ability to trade very well level 1 with her namiW.png(W), which can heal and do damage. Nami also has 550 attack range, which is very far for a support which also aids her in AA trading. They will most likely hit level 2 first since they have 2 champions that can attack the minions while you most likely will be unable to do. Once they hit level 2, Nami will have her namiQ.png(Q) which is a stun that has the same range(875) as your leonazenithblade.png(E). This will allow her to keep you at distance and allow their ADC to trade with your ADC or farm safely. Since Nami has a heal with her namiW.png(W) if you cannot burst either their ADC or her down, it will be hard to win lane. They will most likely out sustain you over extended periods. You have to try to engage twice repeatedly so that she can only get 1 heal off. If you engage once ever minute she will be able to recover herself or her ADC




Nautilus is a medium matchup because its a highly skilled matchup. Nautilus has more CC(crowd control) than you, however, he lacks engage though minions, and lacks range on his engage with ult. If you choose your engages correctly you can poke the enemyADC out of lane. If you decide to focus the nautilus support you may find yourself becoming out sustained beauteous of his nautiluspiercinggaze.png(W) which gives him a free shield. 










A really good sivir could make this a hard lane, but a really bad sivir will make this an easy lane. The easiest way to outplay sivir is to allow sivir to outplay herself. How? When you engage with leona's leonazenithblade.png(E), you first thought is going to be... leonashieldofdaybreak.png(Q) her. But sivir will expect that. Instead, just wait a second and sivir will most likely use her spell sheild with anticipation of your (Q). If you want, instead of stunning her with (Q), do a fakey and auto attack her instead, this will almost always bait out the spell sheild. It becomes harder to kill sivir as the game progresses. Using your leonasolarflare.png(R) to initiate on sivir will be next to useless because she can just spellshield.png(E) spell sheild before it hits her. Try to get ahead early when sivir is at her weakest. Stay in the minions so that her spiralblade.png(Q) doesn't chunk you for a lot of damage. When sivir uses her ricochet.png(W), simply walk to the side of your minion wave so that you do not get hit by the ricochet damage.




Sona is a medium matchup because even though she is very squishy and without an escape. She has a lot of damage. Sona's level 1 can be extremely hard to deal with because of her poke. She also has a heal sonaariaofperseverance.png which will help sustain her and her ADC from being bursted down. However, she can be outplayed. If you have an ADC that does a lot of damage you can easily burst her down. Or play smart until level 6 and just burst her down. The important part to take away from this is to not get poked down too much. You need to have health so that your jungler can come and you can engage in lane if the opportunity arises.




Soraka is a medium matchup because you can win if you play it right. Pre level 6, you MUST engage on the soraka. If you engage on the enemy ADC, you will lose lane. Why? Soraka heals for 80 HP level 1, while only dealing 10% of her maximum health. At level 2, thats healing 80 HP and only taking 50 HP from her heal. Most sorakas take health regen runes and will quicky regenerate their missing health. You do not have a heal, and you are not taking hp regeneration runes. If you engage on the ADC you will take damage, which cannot be healed and will lead to you being out sustained. This is why you must engage on Soraka. Let them push up to your tower, call for your jungler. Try to engage on Soraka as much as possible and play passive if you cannot. Once you hit level 6, you should be able to Kill the Soraka or at least force a flash. If you and your ADC have a lot of damage you can kill the enemy ADC. But remember, recent changes to grievous wounds made self healing 60% instead of 50%, and made healing from other sources (Heals by your allys) heal 100%. So keep that in mind before wasting a lot of time waiting for your cooldowns to come back.


Tahm Kench


This matchup is one of the worst for Leona; what condition that Leona needs in order to be extremely effective is being able to pick a target (a target with low HP) stun them and kill them with the teams help. Tahm makes this extremely difficult, if not impossible. Any time you want to engage on the enemy ADC (or anyone), Tahm can simply use his tahmkenchW.png(W) to eat his ally, making them untargetable. Your only option is to then engage on Tahm himself, but being a support and quite tanky, is a waste of your (and your teams) resources. You will almost always lose lane against Tahm unless you call for a jungler or have a stronger ADC that allows you to engage on Tahm. Team fights don't get any better. The only way to beat Tahm is to hope that he uses his tahmkenchW.png(W) to eat a minion, if he does you have to engage. But a smart Tahm will hold on to his W until you engage, making you worthless. Though in bronze/silver/gold many Tahm players do keep their W and will often use it on minions, which gives you the ability to engage freely on the enemy ADC.




Taric is quite strong in laning phase, it where he is best. He has passive armorshatter.png for him and his ADC, he can stundazzle.png, and he has a healimbue.png. If you engage on Taric he will be able to heal it all back quite easily. So you must engage on the enemy ADC. His healimbue.png(Q) is weak and has a long cooldown early so if you get the enemy ADC low enough you should be able to engage a second time to finish them off. You can outplay him, especially once you hit 6. This is ultimately a skill matchup and could go both ways. I don't usually pick Leona into a Taric freely because it isn't an easy lane by any means.




Thresh is a medium matchup because it can go both ways, it tends to be more of a skill matchup. If the Thresh is really good, then it will be a very hard lane. Thresh's threshE.png(E) can stop Leona's leonazenithblade.png(E) and has a lower cooldown, this will making engaging very difficult. However, from my experience, Thresh players do not start to use their Flay to stop Leona's Zenith blade until mid/high platinum. 

Though thresh wins early, once you hit level 6 he cannot stop your ult. His threshQ.png(Q) range is less than Leona's leonasolarflare.png(R) range. So if you have the damage potential, you can easily force a flash or kill him. 

TIP: Try to gain bush control. If Thresh can't see you, it will make engaging easier because he can't predict when you want to engage.




Tristana is an easy matchup for the most part, the only way she can avoid getting engaged upon is for her to use her Wrocketjump.png. But this ability has a 22 second cooldown which will allow you to engage on her again before it comes off cooldown. Tristana also has a small mana pool and will run out of mana if she continues to evade your engage with her W. The laning phase shouldn't be all that tough. However once it gets to the teamfights if you can't lock her down you could lose the fight. Try to engage with leonasolarflare.png(R), If she is stunned by it, follow it up with leonazenithblade.png(E) + leonashieldofdaybreak.png(Q). She should die. The issue with engaging with leonazenithblade.png(E) + leonashieldofdaybreak.png(Q) is that she can rocketjump.png(W) away while Leona is traveling to her, making it impossible to secure the kill.




This is a fairly easy matchup, he does not have a escapes. The only thing he can do to escape is using his twitchQ.png(Q), which will give him stealth after 1.5 seconds. Just being a Pink Ward 2043.png with you so as soon as he steals just lay it down. The assist money should easily pay for it




This is an easy matchup because Urgot is kind of a bad ADC at the moment anyway. But on top of that, he has no escapes and doesn't have a lot of damage as long as he doesn't land his urgotplasmagrenade.png(E) on you. If it does, it will allow his (Q) to home onto you and will gain a lot of range. Just zone yourself until he misses his E or until you want to engage on him.




Varus is a fairly easy matchup, he has no escapes. So just engage on him as much as possible. But be careful; his varusq.png(Q) does a lot of damage, so sitting in the bush is not always a good idea. If you stand behind your minions you will take less damage if it hits other minions before hitting you. This is because his Q does a % of less damage per unit it travels through. 




Vayne is a medium matchup because she is not quite as easy as you would think. Her tumble vaynetumble.png(Q) has a lower cooldown than your leonazenithblade.png(E) and if she is good, can always dodge it. If the vayne is really good she can actually use her condemn vaynecondemn.png(E) to push you back when you try to use leonazenithblade.png(E). But if you have your ultimate you should be able to get a kill, or at least force a flash, which then should give you a kill later on. Make sure you buy a 2043.png(Vision/Pink Ward) because when you try to initiate with  leonasolarflare.png(R) she can use her vaynetumble.png(Q) + vayneinquisition.png(R) at the same time. Her ultimate gives her invisibility for 1 second after using her Q during her ultimate buff. This can throw you off since you will not know where she is. However, if you do not have a pink ward, you can use 3341.png/3364.png right near the area of your ultimate and it will reveal her.




He is squishy, however, his range is pretty long. His poke is not that great but he will be hard to engage on pre 6. Try to have an adc with follow up or long range spells like 236.png or 15.png




Zilean is medium because it is really a skill matchup. He has decent poke early game, poke that you cant prevent him from doing. He will most always focus your adc and there isn't a lot you can do to stop it. Try to get level 2 first and kill him, he is very squishy. Try to engage on him when he goes up to throw his bombs. Once he hits level 6 it will be very hard to win lane, especially if you need your leonasolarflare.png(R) to get kills. His ultimate will always be up when yours is.




I consider this a hard match-up. Sure she is squishy, but she's very hard to deal with as Leona. She has long ranged spells that keep you at bay and will poke you down. She has a long range snare that give her the ability to disengage from you. Even if you manage to engage on her, Zyra's ultimate will counter your engage in a fight and will most often cause you to lose. In lane you can win, but it is very hard because she will zone you level 1, which means they will get level 2 first and continue to zone you from minions for most of the laning phase. Call for a gank and you can make it out. But teamfights will be a challenge since she will knock everyone up who tries to follow up on your initiation. 

ADC Tier List - Enemy Lane Synergy Back to Top

I don't recommend playing Leona into any champion that is labeled as a "hard" match-up. Simply because you will probably lose lane, and most likely will not be able to engage with good results in team fights. You can pick Leona into hard match-ups, but you will either need another primary engage champion, or a lot of follow up. (I explain more about this in section 8 (When to Pick Leona)

ADC Synergy Tier List

Tier list of ADC's with Leona from best to worst(Patch 6.5):
  1. Lucian - Follow-up, burst, R to kill enemies that flash.
  2. Draven - High damage, follow up, cc, R to kill enemies that flash.
  3. Miss Fortune - High damage, slows, long range/high damage ult
  4. Corki - Follow-up, burst
  5. Graves - Follow-up, burst
  6. Varus - Long range abilities, cc when 6
  7. Kalista - Sustain damage, cc when 6
  8. Caitlyn - Long range abilities, follow-up
  9. Quinn - Burst, cc
10. Jinx - Long range AA, cc
11. Tristana - Follow-up, burst
12. Sivir - Long range Q, ult to chase
13. Ashe - Long range AA, cc when 6
14. Kog'Maw - High damage, slow
15. Urgot - Long range AA, cc when 6
16.Twitch - High damage, long range AA when 6
17. Ezreal - Follow-up, long range ult
18. Vayne - Sustain damage
19. Ezreal(blue) - Garbage

Unknown: Jhin(probably top 10)
An important part of picking Leona is picking against a bot lane that you know you can beat. In this section I will explain how a lane can seem easy by looking at just the support or ADC, but when certain supports and ADC's are combined the lane is actually quite hard.

236.png + 412.png This matchup is extremely hard, one of the hardest. The reason? Thresh's threshE.png(Flay (E)) can stop Leona's leonazenithblade.png (E) and has a lower cooldown. If you do ever manage to (E) Lucian, he has a no cast time dash lucianE.png (E) which will almost always dodge your (E) before you can land it. So your chances of getting a kill is almost impossible. Thresh will almost always shutdown your early game, so call for your jungler.


429.png + 40.png Don't be confused by this matchup. Kalista is a ticking time bomb when it comes to fights. The longer you fight the less health you have and the more damage her kalistaE.png(Rend (E)) will do. If the Janna is good, her howlinggale.png (Tornado (Q)) can actually stop your leonazenithblade.png (E), this will put you in a terrible position, you will be over extended, close to them, but unable to stun. Janna can then use her sowthewind.png (W) and slow you, this will allow Kalista to auto attack you relentlessly, then as you walk away she will activate her kalistaE.png (E) and do a lot of damage, slowing you and hitting you a couple more times. Once level 6, if you try to focus Janna, Kalista can use her kalistaR.png (R) to make Janna untargetable and unable to be killed. If you try to focus Kalista, Janna can use her reapthewhirlwind.png (R) to push you away and deny the kill. However, Janna using her (Q) to stop your (E) is a rare occurrence below mid/high diamond so you shouldn't run into this very often. But it is just something to consider.


51.png + 267.png Though both of these champions are quite squishy, their level 1 is insanely good at poking you and zoning you from the minion line. Leona's weakest point in the game is level 1, 51.png(Caityln) has the ability to keep you out of bush's with her caitlynyordletrap.png and her 650 auto attack range will zone you effectively. 267.png(Nami) has the ability to trade very well level 1 with her namiW.png(W), which can heal and do damage. Nami also has 550 attack range, which is very far for a support which also aids her in AA trading. They will most likely hit level 2 first since they have 2 champions that can attack the minions while you most likely will be unable to do. Once they hit level 2, Nami will have her namiQ.png(Q) which is a stun that has the same range(875) as your leonazenithblade.png(E). This will allow her to keep you at distance letting Caitlyn go at it with your ADC. This lane is extremely difficult and can be very frustrating. 

When to Pick Leona Back to Top

Before picking Leona, the most important questions to consider are:
(You want to get as many yes's to these questions as you can)

(1.) Can I win lane?
If you do not think you can win lane, then you will have to rely on jungler ganks, (2.), and (4.). It's still completely winnable, but it is riskier and will require an experienced Leona player to pull it off.

(2.) Can I gank other lanes?
There are 2 things to consider. Do the enemy champions have escapes? (and) Are they too tanky to kill? Champions like 7.png 55.png 38.png 103.png 245.png 85.png have abilities that can move distances quickly, making your ganks less likely to be successful even if they do not have flash. For top lane, champions like 98.png 31.png 14.png 36.png do not have great escapes, however they usually are so tanky that a gank will either not result in a kill or will require your jungler. If you fail an attempted kill-gank top lane: you waste a lot of time, potential experience, and your ADC could die or be denied a lot of CS.

(3.) Do I have follow up?
Basically, do I have champions with engage abilities OR long range abilities?
Champions like 56.png 103.png 254.png 154.png 238.png 54.png 7.png are great because once you lock one or more champions down you have instant backup to finish the kill. However, champions like 101.png 61.png 115.png 21.png 99.png 126.png are also great, while they lack escapes and mobility, their spell range is so far, that it is almost like they are right there with you.
If you have champions like 67.png 69.png 34.png 30.png 8.png 10.png 50.png 75.png, they are more about waiting for the fight to come to them than they are about bringing the fight. So you will have limited follow up.

(4.) Can I initiate a fight?
If the answer to (3.) is no, then starting fights will be completely on you. Which can mean that winning the game may also rest on your shoulders, as well as throwing the game on a bad engage. The second part to this question is decided by their team comp. Do they have a lot of peel? Champions like 40.png 25.png 111.png 26.png 98.png 32.png provide great CC(Crowd Control) to stop assassins from getting to their targets. If (3.) was a no, and you are the ONLY engage, I would not recommend playing Leona, for your attempt at killing your target will easily be shut down. However, if (2.) is a yes, then you can probably get away with the Leona pick. 

(5.) Can our carries survive without(or very little) peel?
If your team consists of many champion that do not have escapes and require peel AND the enemy team consists of many champions that are assassins and hard engagers, I would not play Leona. When you engage on their backline you will have little to no follow up and your backline will die faster than theirs. Example enemy champions: 54.png 62.png 59.png 14.png 32.png 154.png 254.png. Leona CAN peel ONE squishy assassin, but Leona cannot stop hard engage tanks. By the time Leona stuns the tanks, there is no more peel against their other champions. Her Q stun is melee range which often results in Leona being stunned before she can peel. Most tanky engage champions carry multiple types of tenacity, which makes Leona's peeling ability even worse. However if the answer is yes, then you're in good standing.

Add it all together: If all of the questions are yes, then most likely you will win the game. The most important yes's to get are on #'s 3 and 4. You can win lane, but if you cant start a fight, or win it. You will most likely lose the game.

Here is a list of enemy team comps that picking Leona into would be IDEAL:
157.png   4.png   19.png    222.png    267.png 
76.png   61.png   254.png    29.png    37.png
92.png   101.png   11.png    51.png    40.png

Do you see the pattern? Squishy and limited escape.

Here is a list of enemy team comps that picking Leona into would NOT be ideal:
98.png   7.png   113.png   236.png   25.png
85.png   105.png   33.png   15.png   12.png
54.png   127.png   120.png   18.png   223.png

If you've been following along, you should see the immediate difference. Tanky, lots of engage, and escapes.

Importance of Movement Speed Back to Top

I'm sure everyone has seen their movement speed and knows what it is. If not, it's a number, and it looks like this:


What this number means is that your champion will move that many units per second. In this scenario, your champion will move 335 units in 1 second. Most champions have ranged abilities, being limited to how far they can be cast. If a spell has a range of 800, it uses the same units movement speed does. If your spell has a range of 670 and your movement speed is 335, it would take 2 seconds to walk the distance of your spell range. With this Leona build you will have about 500 movement speed, meaning every second you travel 500 units. if you have 150 units of movement speed greater than your enemy, every second you close the gap of 150 units. Flash is the best summoner spell in the game, having a range of only 400 units. You wont need flash to close distances in the mid game since it will take you less than 4 seconds to close a 400 unit gap, which will hopefully force their flash instead.

Rookie Mistake

Build 1.png

The most common build I see with lower ELO Leona players is a build that looks something like this.
Sure it is tanky, but how do you expect to actually get into range to engage? There isn't one item that gives Leona a movement speed advantage. Here's a list of all champion movement speeds:


Leona's movement speed is 335, which puts her in the low/mid tier of movement speed. Meaning almost every champion can out run you. This makes running away and chasing to get in range for an ULT or an E  next to impossible. That is why you MUST get a pair of mobility boots 3117.png AND Dead Man's Plate 3742.png. The previous build is missing out on a potential 130 movement speed. You will feel more powerful, and enemies will have to play more scared, for the potential to punish them(even if you cant) if they don't respect your potential is too great. This will create opportunities on bad players(if not respected) and extra zoning on good ones. 
Your build will allow for extra strategies such as Lane ganks, warded river ganks, flanks, Flash + Q + R + E plays; all of which wouldn't be possible without the additional movement speed. This is the secret to carrying, opening up OPPORTUNITIES for yourself to be effective throughout the game.
The same is for people who play mid to carry. The reason a mid can carry so hard is because once fed, their OPPORTUNITIES are increased; they can 1v1 anyone on the map, which allows them to go where they want without the need for as much vision. They can then control the game and gather towers or kills much easier than the other team. Though Leona cannot 1v1 anyone, with this build, it allows you to make more plays and put your enemies in situations where they cannot escape alive.

Starting a Fight - FLANKING Back to Top

I have said it time and time again, "3742.png(Dead Man's Plate) + 3117.png(Mobility Boots)" These items will make you feel like a race car on the map. You will be able to create opportunities for yourself that you never thought were possible. You will be able to flank teams, come up behind them and literally assassinate your target of choice. Here is an example video of how I do just that. I stun their Veigar, make him vulnerable to our Fizz and the rest of my team; taking him out immediately, thus resulting into a won team fight, then shortly after, a Baron.

Ward Killing Back to Top

Ward Killing

|||Trinkets stealth much slower than sight wards|||

Leona has the ability to kill wards level 1 by upgrading her Q first. There are lots of guides out there that say to start E so you can engage level 1! This is a huge mistake. Though you can engage level 1, your CC is not effective at this point. Thus you will get punished greatly if you engage, take a lot of damage and probably do very little. To make up for Leona's poor level 1 you MUST take Q. This will give you the ability to get some bush control and deny them vision so you can play a little more aggressive and apply some pressure to bot lane even though you cannot engage. Make sure you rush the bush level 1 and sit in there and wait for them to ward. If they facecheck the bush, simply apply the same combo you would normally to the ward, but then just walk away. This will allow you to get about 150 free damage on someone, and maybe your adc can get some damage out too. 
Here is a video showing how to do the combo:

To do the combo, simply auto attack the ward by right clicking it, after the auto hits the ward, IMMEDIATELY press q, after the q hits, you must then right click again on the ward to double reset your auto attack and kill the ward. This is easily done by just mashing your right click until the ward is dead.

How to learn it:
I would recommend learning this by going into a custom game and practicing on minions. Practice the combo and try to do it as fast as you can. Once you can do it quickly, it will be good enough to kill wards.

Zenith Blade(E) Mechanics Back to Top

Learn to outplay your opponents by judging the timing of their champions displacement CC. The most important part of this section is to make sure that your leonazenithblade.png(E) activates the traveling AFTER the CC hits you. League of Legends works based on a checklist of actions and carries them out in the order in which the are received. The Knock-up/Knock-back hits you first, THEN the game registers that your E hits the champion. This means that the CC can not stop your movement because movement displacement CC can only stop champions DURING their movement, not before. 

The special thing about Leona's E that most people do not realize is that it does in fact have CC, a root. This small fraction of time the root duration lasts before Leona travels to the champion allows champions to use their flash and dashing abilities. This is why you will sometimes see Leona travel extra distances. But of course exploiting this mechanic can help you get kills that otherwise would not allow you to get.


Evading a Knock-up


Following a Flash

I explain the importance of the mechanic after the kill, so keep watching!

Flash Combo/Spell Rotations Back to Top

Remember how I said that Movement speed quints, Dead Man's Plate3742.png, and Mobility Boots3117.png were important so you can literally walk up to people and kill them? Well here is a video showing that exactly. Since I have 500 movement speed I can close the gap between me and my target allowing me to 4.png(Flash) + leonashieldofdaybreak.png(Q) + leonasolarflare.png(R) combo and get the kill 100%. It isn't always necessary to Flash combo someone, but it guarantees the kill.

In this video you can see how I use my (W)leonasolarbarrier.png before I get to the target. I do this because by the time I flash Q her then Ult her, my W explodes dealing a little more damage to secure the kill. If I waited to use my W until after I Flash + Q + Ult the W may not hit before the CC is over. You always want to try to inflict as much damage as possible even if it is not necessary.

Situations to Roam Back to Top

A Quick Note:
When roaming, the idea is to make the enemy laner use a valuable summoner spell and/or possibly kill them to give your other lanes an advantage over them. This is of course factored into the possibility that when you roam your ADC is getting denied CS and experience. This is okay so long as your roam gets an advantage that is greater than what your ADC loses out in gold/experience. Always try to calculate the chances of a successful roam before roaming.
I will explain the different situations to roam on that give you the greatest chance for success, so look for similar situations in your own games! It doesn't have to be with Leona, this can be applied to any champion!

When Your Lane is STALE

Stale: No kills, no engages, just farming.

Leona is best used for starting fights and engaging, if you find it impossible to engage and get a kill without your jungler then try roaming. But make sure your roam has a potential to force a flash or get a kill. Don't roam Mid against a 55.png(Katarina) and only force her to use shadowstep.png(Shunpo), it has a low cooldown and she does not have mana. This will probably end up costing your ADC CS/experience or a death and wont reap any tangible gains for your Mid laner.

In this video I narrate some roaming strategies; some ideas to be thinking about when playing Leona when you can't get a kill in your lane. Don't limit yourself to bot lane, move your screen to mid lane and see if its possible to get a kill.

After You Recall

Looking to roam directly after recalling is an easy way to get an advantage. The enemy team doesn't expect you to roam and probably wont call an MIA on you since you went back to base instead of walking out of lane.
In this situation their mid laner was Twisted Fate, mildly low on mana, and without an escape. I knew that I could easily roam mid and at least force his Flash. Picking up a pair of boots helps get to the lane faster and closes the distance on him faster.
Even if this did not result in a kill, my flash would be off cooldown before Twisted Fate's, making it an easy Flash + Q combo which would secure an easy kill the next gank. I also didn't waste much time either; the gank took only a few seconds and mid is not far from bot lane. Ezreal wouldn't miss much CS/experience at all.

Creating Global Pressure Back to Top

Snowball Strengths / Mitigate Weaknesses Back to Top

Snowball Strengths

  1. Getting your Mobi Boots3117.png and Sightstone2049.png - If you buy them much earlier than the enemy team, this will create opportunities to roam mid if needed. Having the increased vision can also help your other lanes. Why? If you see the enemy jungler, you know where he cant be. This can help top or mid play more aggressive aiding them in winning the lane. 
  2. BUY PINKS - I see too many people in the lower divisions never buy pinks2043.png, and i mean NEVER. Buy one and place it in the enemy jungle, or put it in the tribush/river bush to permanently deny them vision. This will give you the opportunity to roam without their knowledge of your destination.
  3. ROAM - If youre ahead you will be up on levels and gold. You will be very tanky and able to dive towers with ease. You also do a lot of damage and can almost 1/2 someone's HP alone.
  4. CLEAR WARDS - Try to roam mid, if you see their mid laner back up, you now know you just walked over a ward. Use your red trinket3341.png/3364.png or a pink ward2043.png to clear out the ward. This will scare the mid laner AND bot lane since you could be heading to either destination. Creating a global terror they have to respect.
  5. MAKE PICKS - If you're ahead, it means your team is stronger than theirs, which means they DO NOT want to fight you 5v5. That means you want to try to start fights as much as possible, catching someone out of position. This is most easily done by  grouping and forcing a Dragon/Rift Herald. How? It forces the enemy team to either attempt to stop you from taking it OR give it to you for free. Rarely will a team just hand over an objective for free. If they try to contest, engage. If they don't contest your objective, well they're giving you the game for free.

Mitigate Weaknesses

  1. Have a stronger early game ADC - This will allow you to duel them and out damage them. Having a weak early game ADC like Vayne or Jinx will be a very frustrating experience.
  2. Getting level 2 first - If you get level 2 you can engage and possibly get a kill or zone them from the wave.
  3. Having bush control - Your weak level 1; Use your Q combo to kill trinkets when they ward bush's to deny them vision, they wont want to face-check a bush against a Leona, this will give you breathing room to play more aggressive without them being able to attack you.
  4. Not getting poked down too much - If you don't have any HP you cannot engage.
  5. Call for your jungler - If you're losing lane they will probably be pushing you into your tower. Call your jungler, don't allow champions without escapes to push freely at a tower without being punished.
  6. Deny them vision - Buy a pink ward and clear a ward in the tribush or river bush, what they don't know hurts them. They will be less willing to play extremely aggressive if they don't have vision.
  7. Wait until level 6 - Once you hit level 6 you will have a lot of damage. You should be able to force a flash or get a kill.

Higher Skill, More Reward (a final note) Back to Top

I did this guide specifically because it's hands down the best build in the game for maximizing Leona's abilities, and potential. 

However, there are a few things that you must take away from this guide. This Leona is a lot less tanky early game than other Leona's, you will also have less vision until you get your sightstone. This requires the player to be smarter about engaging(bad engages/getting ganked) and positioning(not taking free damage). You will have a hard time at first with this build, I can promise you. It is going to force you to play Leona with a different style than you are used to. But don't give up. Just keep practicing, ask me questions and once you master it, you will never want to go back to the slow tank build. I fell into this build by a lot of time and diversity of strategies/builds. I continue this build because it is the most effective and gives the player more options throughout the game.

~Stun well friends~

More To Come Back to Top

Here's a list of things I intend to add to the guide.

-Prioritizing level 2 FIRST

Special Note (After Patch 6.14 Back to Top

1. Leona's deadliest combo is that Flash + Q + R. With her Q stun being reduced from 1.25 seconds to 1 second, having ANY tenacity will make it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to land her R on someone. Her R has a .625 second delay from the moment of cast until it hits the target. This means that in order to hit the stun, you MUST press Q then R IMMEDIATELY after pressing Q or else you won't hit the target. I highly suggest NEVER playing Leona against champions who have stacking tenacity, such as 27.png36.png86.png, and 39.png (There may be more). But because their tenacity will be higher than 37.5% your Q + R combo will literally be ineffective since they will be able to move before the R stun hits. Don't forget that your ping is also a hindrance and for ever 100ms is .1 seconds of delay. 
2. Leona's greatest ability was her damage and CC, since it is now lowered, her pre 6 kill potential have been lowered significantly. It will be nearly impossible to get it off unless you're playing at a lower skill level. When a champions abilities damage is lowered it requires MORE use of abilities in order to kill the target. This means that there should be a mana cost compensation so that Leona can use her abilities more often, since Leona has VERY LOW mana early in the game you will be out of mana trying to kill your enemy. 
3. Another point to focus on is OPPORTUNITIES. What does that mean? It means, in order to kill someone they must put themselves in a position to be killed. As you get to higher ELO these "opportunities" to get kills is SIGNIFICANTLY reduced since players understand what your potential is. Now that Leona does less damage she requires MORE opportunities to get kills. Leona's problem wasn't that she didn't have low cooldowns, her problem was that she could never find the opportunity to kill someone OR didn't do enough damage to get that kill on the target she stunned. Lower cooldowns and lower damage does not help Leona in any form. Leona either needed MORE damage to kill her targets or LONGER CC to get off her combos. At the LEAST, reduced mana costs so she could spam her abilities in lane and be a bit stronger. Good job Riot. 
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